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rapsberry parfait 1

I hope you will have a wonderful time with your family, just like my Christmas Party with a ‘Boozy Raspberry Parfait’ with Grand Marnier-Soaked Pound Cake, Raspberries and Chambord Whipped Cream, topped with Maraschino Cherries and Edible Silver Confetti


1/2 cup natural fresh raspberry
1 cup frozen raspberry
1 cup fluid cold whipping cream
2 tablespoon sugar
4 tablespoon Chambord (rapsberry liqueur)
1 pound cake (tiny cubes)
1/4 cup Grand Marnier (orange liqueur)
4 maraschino dried of liquid cherries
Silver confetty sparkles for garnish

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-In a small bowl, combine the raspberry preserves with the thawed raspberries;
using a fork, gently stir and slightly mash the mixture until the whole raspberries and broken down just a bit yet still slightly chunky; set aside.
– Prepare the Chambord cream by addind a cold whipping cream to the bowl and whisk with sugar and Chambord liqueur, take into the fridge for a moment.

– Fill your glasses with 1/3 cubed pound cake, drizzle over it with 1-2 teaspoon Grand Marnier,
add 3 teaspoons of the rapsberry mixture, pipe about 3-4 tablespoons Chambord whipped cream over the rapsberry mixture.
Repeat the layers.
– Garnish: add maraschino cherry to the top and sprinkle with some silver confetti sparkles.

Keep the parfaits in the fridge until ready to serve.

I found this recipe on http://thecozyapron.com/

christmas rapsberry parfait 2