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Elie Saab never fails to be utterly breathtaking, and when you finally catch your breath, you will scarcely be prepared for the utter beauty of the 2011 Spring Couture collection, a flourish of mousseline and sheer décolleté, of tulle and organza, and flowers piled at the shoulder and tied with grosgrain at the waist, and all in glittery, fairytale shades of silver and champagne…

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His collection is a mix between romance and sexiness. For this collection, it’s all about the organza flowers. Major colours are blush pink, olive green, silver, black, red and lavender. There’s the long tulle organza gown piled with lots of organza flowers as well as the silver gown with lots of flower embroideries that are styled with a veil.

I love his creations, he just makes the woman body curvy, elegant, graceful, even more feminine and all of his dresses are simple.