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Amusing Halloween Cocktail

MIXOLOGY is easily one of my favorite pastimes. This weeks assignment was to create  a GHOULISH Cocktail for a Corporate party. Guidelines… upscale, UNIQUE, dark, and tasty. Oh… and did I say SMOKIN’? Meet The GHOST. Shaken, not stirred or SPOOKED. It’s the perfect mix of ELIXIRS. Dressed up with Blackberries and ready to THRILL your taste-buds. I can’t wait to see where this special TREAT shows up.


Canada Dry Club soda
Crushed ice
Cranberry juice cocktail
Chambord liqueur
Black Vodka
DRY ICE (Be very careful, dry ice freezes skin on contact and should never be ingested.)


In a shaker, half filled with ice, mix together equal parts Black Vodka, Chambord and Cranberry juice. Shake vigorously. Pour mixture into cocktail glass and top off with 1 part club soda, garnish with a blackberry, and serve. When you pour the beverage into the glass, the dry ice sticks to the bottom. Cheers!

Amusing Halloween Cocktail 2