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Real Techniques Expert Face brush is a wider, ultra firm face brush designed for applying and blending cream or liquid foundation. I thought it is a must-have beauty makeup accessory. I heard a lot from Real Techniques brushes, so I thought it is the time to buy one. Since I purchased this brush, it’s the only thing I use to apply foundation.
The brush is soft, dense, firm (with some give but not fluffy or springy) the edge is slightly rounded. This gives me the quickest foundation application. If once you figure out how to use it, you won’t want to use anything else. I currently used a sponge, but it was too much foundation sucks up. Or I used my fingers, but my hands was creamy and I hate it.
I love using this brush, becuase it doesn’t suck up all of my foundation, it’s very easy to hold, it keeps my hands clean during application. I don’t think, if the more time you spend on this first step of makeup application, the better the results at the end. I can apply my foundation much quicker with this brush than the sponge. This brush will help to apply and easily blend liquid or cream foundations too. It blends foundation into my pores and reduces the visibility of them. It doesn’t leave streaks on my face, unless I apply too much product. You can use differently, to achieve your desired level of coverage and provide smooth, high definition results. It doesn’t shed or scratch my face ever.