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Tom & Jerry Coctail

It’s a twist on a drink called the Tom & Jerry and no it’s nothing to do with the cartoon characters – although the kitchen might end up looking like the famous duo had run amuck…


25ml Appleton Estate V/X OR Dark Rum OR Brandy
25ml Appleton Estate 8 Year Old
25ml Milk
2 teaspoons of granulated sugar
1 whole medium sized egg
A pinch of ground All-Spice berries
A goblet, cup or Irish coffee glass
Cinnamon stick for garnish!

Separate the yoke from the egg and beat it until it runs thin. In a separate vessel – beat the egg white until it thickens nicely. Re-introduce the yoke to the white and carefully fold it in (i.e.; trying to maintain as much of a fluffy consistency as possible. This produces a batter into which you add the spices, sugar and (pre-heated) milk. Transfer everything to your glass Then add the sugar/simple syrup, rum and Appleton Estate/Brandy/Cognac, and top up with the hot milk Stir well and add the grated nutmeg / cinnamon stick for garnish.

Tom & Jerry Coctail +