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Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 1

The new Jaguar F-Type S is unlike any driving experience.  It’s glamorous inside and out and an exhilarating piece of machine, elegantly combining sports performance with high end luxury. And when the top is down – the amazingness just multiplies. Who doesn’t want to be seen behind the wheel of this gorgeous thing? Put it in sports mode, take advantage of the flappy paddles, give it a boost and the whole experience becomes explosive.

Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 2 Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 3 Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 4

The F-Type S is equivalent to the perfect outfit. This particular model is in my favourite shade of all time. It’s like the Louboutin of cars – not the most practical but looks and feels so damn good with its metallic black paint, 20 inch alloy wheels with carbon fibre panels and easy drop top. Its shape is attention-commanding, and its sound roaring with fierceness – much like a jaguar in the wild, it’s smooth but can bite when it wants. The rear is symmetrical with its centre mounted twin sports exhaust pipes and hydraulic spoiler. The soft top drops within short seconds and the interior full of creature comforts with an all-black-everything styling and smooth leather bucket seats. Its 3.0 litre 280kW Supercharged V6 engine is sophisticated but oh so speedy, ensuring you won’t be late for that meeting.

Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 5Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 6Jaguar F Type with Micah Gianneli 7