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I sharing her recipe for Red Velvet Pancakes with Sweet Cream Cheese Topping from  TidyMom.net Red-Velvet-Pancakes_TidyMom

Well, if you ever needed a reason to have red velvet for breakfast, Valentines Day would be the perfect time, and Red Velvet Pancakes would be the answer! Use heart shaped cookie cutters to make them even sweeter! Red-Velvet-Heart-Pancakes-Mold_TidyMom2

If just want to celebrate the ones you love, why not show them how much you love them with a gift from the kitchen! Red-Velvet-Pancake-Mix_TidyMom3

I have to be honest here, these are more like eating dessert than breakfast if you top them with the cream cheese topping, but hey, it’s Valentines Day right? I declare it “sweets all day long” day! Red-Velvet-Heart-Pancakes_TidyMom4

The delicious, fluffy, red velvet cake aroma filled the entire kitchen, from the moment they hit the skillet! And yes….. they tasted exactly like red velvet cake, especially when the creamy frosting melted into the warm pancakes! Red-Velvet-Heart-Pancakes_TidyMom5