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Magnificent fountain of the Place de la Concorde with the Hôtel de Crillon Paris in France as background.

The Fontaines de la Concorde are two monumental fountains located in the Place de la Concorde in the center of Paris. They were designed by Jacques Ignace Hittorff, and completed in 1840 during the reign of King Louis-Philippe. The south fountain commemorates the maritime commerce and industry of France, and the north fountain commemorates navigation and commerce on the rivers of France. Behind: the Hôtel de Crillon; to the left: the embassy of the United States of America.

Facade by Night with sumptuous lights of the majestic Hôtel de Crillon Paris.

The sumptuous facade by night of the Hôtel de Crillon Paris. The Hôtel de Crillon is classified as a historical monument. It is A unique encounter with history, beauty, art, gastronomy and total well being. 103 rooms, 39 suites and five luxury apartments, with magnificent views of the Place de la Concorde, the interior courtyards and gardens or the Avenue Gabriel. The Hôtel de Crillon offers a wide range of accommodation while retaining the intimate atmosphere of a private residence. The fully personalized service adds privilege to exclusivity.

Heaven on earth in the delightful Patio of the Hôtel de Crillon. With the first warm rays of sunshine, tables are set up outside in this haven of peace, framed by the hotel’s sumptuous architecture.

The courtyard and patio of the Hôtel de Crillon Paris has recently been redesigned and is now a delightful area to relax in. The vegetation on the facade, generates a mood to unwind and be at ease. Drinks and light meals are served.

Sumptuous and luxury lobby with checkered black and white polish floor. Overlooking the sumptuous Place de la Concorde and located on the crossroads of Art and Fashion, next to the elegant rue du Faubourg St Honoré and to the Champs-Elysées, the Hôtel de Crillon seduces with its exceptional location and its refinement. The checkered black and white polished marble floor of the lobby combined with the sumptuous columns and magnificent chandeliers gives a touch of refine luxury. The Hotel de Crillon is is a unique place, a unique destination. 

Luxurious atmosphere in the gallery of The Hôtel de Crillon. As you can see the decoration from the chandeliers, reddish seats, marble floor and carpet gives a truly luxurious atmosphere, the decorations of this prestigious 18th century luxury hotel as well as a warm welcome and a tailor-made service are the promise to experiment moments of exception.

Les Ambassadeurs, a former ballroom located in the famous palace Hôtel de Crillion, now hosts a gastronomic restaurant, which has received an array of awards. This restaurant, acknowledged to be one of the best dining venues in Paris, showcases chef Dominique Bouchet’s magical food creations, which are just as grand as the majestic dining room they are served in. The dining hall is impressive in its scope as well as in splendor with Louis XV crystal chandeliers and ceiling frescoes, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Offering a tasteful blend of tradition and modernity, “Les Ambassadeurs” dining room is a historic venue with a contemporary feel, bathed in clarity, refined sophistication and warm elegance.

Looking as if madame de Pompadour should make a momentarly appearance, Les Ambassadeurs offers an environment dominated by the splendor of ancient times. Chef likes to mix luxury with dishes that bring us down to earth. Here are some examples: potato pancake with smoked salmon, shellfish sprinkled with caviar, wrapped in bacon, with tomato and basil, duck with rutabaga, mushrooms and cauliflower. It worths to pay 62 euros for lunch, especially in summer, when you can linger on the beautiful terrace all day long. Speaking of that, you can afford the luxury of taking your breakfast between 7 and 10:30. To dine at Les Ambassadeurs, you must have an elegant attire (jacket and tie, or deux-pieces).

Saturday Brunch at “Les Ambassadeurs”
Lighter and more feminine but still as chic as ever, the famous “Crillon Brunch” is offering something different with its Saturday menu. The hotel’s dining room, “Les Ambassadeurs”, is loosening its tie in a spirit of casual elegance for the occasion.
As a break between shopping excursions or an indulgence for late risers, this brunch is sure to satisfy with its soup and salad buffets that offer something for everyone.

Sunday Brunch at “Les Ambassadeurs”
In the stunning dining room, discover on Sundays the original gourmet menu. Buffet of delicacies, luscious à la carte main courses, all the components for a delightful Sunday have been considered to make the “Brunch du Crillon” a treat to be savoured.

Recalling the Splendor of Duc de Crillon Historical Suite. Four suites at the Hôtel de Crillon recall the splendor of the past particularly vividly, being entirely decorated in their original style.

Marie Antoinette Reception Room with exceptional terrace overlooking Place de la Concorde

Louis XV Suite with green colors and unique terrace.

Refined charm, the experience of residing in a ‘Grand Siècle’ palace, with Paris at your feet. Located on the top floor of the Hôtel de Crillon, it is a unique apartment whose terrace offers views over the Place de la Concorde and across the city. From the painted wood panelling to the silk furnishings, all details combine to create the subtle harmony of relaxed sophisticated living. Entrance hall, one or two 40-square-metre bedrooms with walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. Living area of 60 square metres and 60-square-metre terrace with view across Paris. Suite is available as an adjoining room to the Bernstein Suite. Staying at the Louis XV suite at the Hôtel de Crillon is a bit like being at the Chateau de Versailles, looking onto the whole Paris.

Les Aigles Reception Room, with Golden chandeliers and ornaments. The ceiling ornamented with gold-leaf eagles and four Wedgewood medallions, the French parquet laid in Hungary style and the panoramic view on Paris and Place de la Concorde make of this classified lounge an exceptional and unique place for prestigious events.

Elegant and intimate looking Winter Garden is place both cosy and intimate, opening onto a magnificent patio. At any time of the day, ideal for coffee and cake in the morning, light dishes and drinks during the day, delicate teas and pastries at teatime and also perfect for early evening drinks. The Interior design decorated with the elegant chandeliers and crimson looking sofas reflects a luxury experience in a unique setting and atmosphere.
Hôtel Crillon, Place de la Concorde 10, Louvre / Tuileries
Tel.: 01-44-71-16-17