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The jewelry collection from Tom Ford is as bold and timeless as his extraordinary clothing. Luxury is the catch phrase and unique is his point of departure. Some of the most arresting styles are made of gold plated sterling silver in reptile forms. Crocodile, one of the most evocative and rare skins is the texture employed for a hand cast necklace and cuff. The delicacy of a necklace made to look like a continuous crocodile tail rests at the base of the throat. The cuff is dramatic in high gloss golden scales like the back of this reptile. Scale is the dominant feature making this piece as eye catching as it is beautiful.

Ford’s golden serpents coil around a delicate gold stem for a necklace and cuff. In the necklace, each serpent is set with a crystal eye and one clutches a semi-precious stone in its open mouth.

The cuff has two crystal eyed serpents coiling around the wrist catching each other with opened mouths as if doing battle. In one sense they symbolize a power struggle and at the same time they symbolize the notion of constant change and regeneration. On a more basic level they are simply fantastic works of a jeweler’s art.

Other pieces in the collection are equally arresting with his use of large crystal and jet stones cut asymmetrically. They are set in silver in dramatic cuffs and necklaces. The workmanship is of the highest order and the scale of these pieces in difficult to ignore. A gold plated silver toggle bracelet is elegant in its deceptive simplicity. Tom Ford’s jewelry collection is as irresistible as his collection. Hirshleifers proudly offers you entre’ into the world of this master creator.