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There was a time, long before Tom Ford arrived to revolutionize Gucci, when the brand was part of the glamorous Roman decadence that surged up around movie stars and aristocracy from the fifties to the seventies. Not for nothing, the term paparazzo was coined in Rome, the epicenter of La Dolce Vita. In Pink… In Blue… In Yellow…, In Black… and White. gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-38 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-39 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-37 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-24-details gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-23 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-36 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-35 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-34 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-32 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-29 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-27 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-25 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-20 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-19 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-15 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-11 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-07 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-06 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-05 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-04 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-03 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-02 gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-01-details gucci-rtw-ss2013-runway-01