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There is something very romantic about this Tiepolo-inspired Fall collection.  For one, Tomasso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi have dreamt up some seriously gorgeous pieces for Fall 2012.  Contemporary pieces have been given a luxurious baroque revival as crisp cropped trousers and sleek sheath dresses are presented with a sense of gravitas.  More importantly, each look is effortlessly built with multi-textured layers, losing much of the heaviness associated with the haute couture of that time.  Aquilano and Rimondi have crafted together a modern vision of opulence with the use of rich textiles and glorified embellishments.Certainly, this is a collection all about the details, one that is dominated by iridescent jacquards and heat-pressed curlicue motifs.  High elegant collars are an underlying theme to every look and elaborately rendered in velvet, brocade, and silk.  Graceful silhouettes are superbly cut into sculpted shapes that fluidly skim the body.  Every look is beautifully finished, often with velvet or satin piping.  Moreover, the entire look is always superbly put together; although each piece is intricate in its own right, no single element overwhelms the other aspects. – by MFD