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The 2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport will become the new flagship model in the Italian sports car maker’s coupe line-up, offering enhanced exterior styling, a redesigned interior and performance hikes.

The front end benefits from a redesigned bumper, with larger intakes for improved airflow to cool the engine and brakes. LED daytime running lights and new dark-tone taillights give the Sport a unique character.The interior of the GranTurismo Sport has been treated to a sporty makeover. Passengers can now relax in an interior where luxury, craftsmanship and attention to detail take on new forms.Inside, the front and rear seats have been redesigned and the steering wheel has been reshaped for a sportier, more muscular feel. The new model introduces a brand new colour called “Blu Sofisticato” which shows off the car’s lines to best advantage and frames the countless innovative stylistic features that characterise this new GranTurismo Sport.